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Are you tired of having the default Windows background for your desktop? Sick of having your friends laugh at you for not having webcomic-based wallpapers on your computer? Does your hard-drive just need some of that adorable Kim on there? Then worry not, potential customer, because Blaster Nation is here for YOU!


You want wallpapers? We’ve got ‘em! Only one right now, but there will be more to come in the future! Scroll down and take a look at that preview. It’s nice, isn’t it? Not terribly embarrassing like all of your other wallpapers, too! Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Brad, I’d love to buy this amazing wallpaper because Leslie is the best artist in the world, but I also need to buy food for my children! Will I be able to support my family AND purchase this amazing wallpaper?”

Well, CAN you? Here at Blaster Nation, you pay whatever you want for these wallpapers! That’s right, WHATEVER YOU WANT! So, you have to ask yourself. Do you WANT to support your family with food and necessities, or do you just want to splurge and give us a big whoppin’ hunk of cash money? It’s up to you! You’re the responsible one here, not us! No, seriously, by donating to Blaster Nation you waive all right to a refund and attorney. But who even WANTS either of those, am I right?

However, we’d like it if you’d donate at LEAST $1. Anything below a dollar will be eaten by Paypal and will just be a waste of time for everybody. There’s no real limit to how much you can donate, but uh…keep it reasonable! We like money and all, but don’t go dropping some absurd amount on us if you’re not some rich playboy millionaire! We’d just feel bad!


Click here for The Bus Stop

Supported sizes:

1280 x 800

1920 x 1200

1920 x 1080


Sorry for the lack of smaller sizes. We tried, but it all just looked really bad! We’ll try to make more later and update you should you need one!

Those who donate will be taken to a super secret link immediately upon the completion of the donation. If for any reason you aren’t, please contact us at donotdestroy@live.com! We want to make sure you get your wallpaper, even if we have to email it to you ourselves!

Thanks for those who do donate, and for those who don’t, just thank you for even being here! There’ll be more wallpapers in the future, so keep an eye out for them!