posted 07-17-2014 at 12:00 am


KICKSTARTER PROGRESS REPORT: Dude, we've got like, 150 pages done. We only have two chapters left to fix! We were thinking we wouldn't be done with this stuff until the end of the month, but shit dude, we're working REALLY fast! Both of us! Leslie of course does the hardest work, but I get all the simple pages so I can get them done even faster. We'll post an email Kickstarter update once we get all the revisions done. Kickstarter money should finally transfer over sometime real soon, as well. Then we can start getting prints and postcards made.

So, if you remember our marathon stream last month, you might remember that we couldn't stream PS2 games then. Something went terribly wrong and all audio crapped out on it, even when trying different audio cables and inputs. Nothing worked. I went and bought a new PS2 to replace it, but then I tried the old PS2 one last time...only to discover it working perfectly fine. What the fuck. Good news is that we can stream PS2 games again! We should definitely start streaming again soon. Maybe play some Gitaroo Man or something. I played some Gitaroo Man to test audio/controllers and ended up beating the game in one sitting with no continues, so my skills are still (relatively) intact. Still need a replacement Dreamcast, though.

That's all for today. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK

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