posted 03-05-2015 at 12:00 am

Oh man, I'm updating both of our comics at the same time RIGHT NOW. Both the sexy one AND the not sexy one! This one, I mean. This is definitely the not sexy comic of ours. Sorry. God I hope I'm writing this blog post on the right site.

Today we watched Anchorman 2. It was awful! It was just really, really bad. It was an absolute chore to sit through, jesus. Hardly a single joke landed, and the rest of it was just screaming and obnoxious and really obvious jokes with barely any pay-off. I think it worsened Anchorman 1 in our minds because of it. By the end, we were convinced that the original movie was shit and we were just too dumb then to realize it. So we went and rewatched the original Anchorman. It's still fucking GREAT. Almost every joke is fantasticly done, and it never gets annoying. It's well-paced, well-edited, everything has a pay-off, it still holds up fucking great. I don't know what the hell happened with Anchorman 2. Fucking garbage.

Besides lots of Monster Hunter, that's the only thing of note that's happened, really. I've been trying to go out and do laundry for the last week now. It was raining consecutively for days, and just when it started to let up, it snowed so bad that it sent Kentucky into another state of emergency. I just want some clean towels, goddammit! I don't have any clean shirts left! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US, KENTUCKY?

That's all for today! See you on Sunday!

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