posted Jul.01.15 at 12:25 am

Hey, so, it's been exactly one year since we moved up to Kentucky! Happy one year anniversary to us! It's been pretty nice up here. WAY nicer than Louisiana. We do miss our families a lot, though, so later this month, we've arranged a trip to go back down and visit! Don't worry, there'll still be updates! We've actually been busting ass to get a little buffer going so we won't miss a beat! That's the plan, at least. We've already gotten a few BNs down, working on RC now. If we keep this up, we might have a continuous buffer going for like, a while! Thanks again to Freeglass for making this buffer possible. He's been working just as hard as us! We couldn't do it without him.

Anyway, that's enough for now. Gonna take a break and Smash it up. SEE YOU ON FRIDAY.