posted May.26.15 at 11:26 pm

No Freeglass on this page! This was all Leslie! The background was a little too detailed, so rather than have to slow down to refine her messy pencils, Leslie just buckled down and cranked it out. Of course, I still had a helping hand, too. Took like, five straight hours to flat-color! Boy am I tired. Busy day. But if you're craving more hot Freeglass inks, check out this video of him inking the last page!

TWO DAYS UNTIL SPLATOON. Leslie and I are busting ass to make sure all our work for the week is done so we just spend the entire weekend to play it. Both of us AND our roommates are hyped to play it. Between four people, shit's gonna get messy. So I'm already planning on stealing the Wii U and barricading myself in the bedroom. FUCK 'EM, THIS GAME IS MINE.

Seriously though, Splatoon's gonna be a blast. Expect future screencaps of me and Leslie's squid kids. SEE YOU ON FRIDAY.