306) The Social Link
posted May.20.14 at 02:00 am

Expect more Tort and Matt comics in the future because I like those two.

So, I think we can get our Kickstart stuff finished within the week! All I have to do is finish writing the whole "About" section and make a video, and then we're good to send off for verification! I'm, uh, still kinda stumped on what to do for a video. Originally, I had some greater plans on what to do, but I might have to scale back down a bit. I'm a little too ambitious sometimes. Though I MIGHT still take a page from my original idea and ask fans to send in voice clips of themselves doing lines from the Blaster Nation cast. Again, MIGHT. If you want to get on something that may or may not happen, check the social networks! I'll let you know if we need you!

Anyways, the month is almost over, so if you've still got some guest comics, send them in! We're so close to finishing up all this KS stuff, and we can always use the extra time that putting up guest comics allows us! Seriously, we never would've gotten this far without you guys helping and understanding, so thank you all so much! 

I managed to get halfway through flat-coloring this page before I was about to pass out, so we'll wake up early in the morning and finish this baby up! See you then!

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