498) Into the Void
Posted May 13, 2016 at 11:00 pm

well gee i wonder if she's going to show her some anime or something

Lot of small things going on. Leslie's new set up is fucking COOL AS SHIT, but all that whining I did about not being able to flat-color is now void. Complicated comic pages like this one are still a pain for Leslie to do, so I got my old job back! HOORAY! No, no sarcasm, I'm glad I can still help with the comic-making progress. Clip Studio Paint still has so many boss-ass features, so it was still worth it.

Finally beat Plague Knight after playing it on and off again for the last couple of months. Amazing DLC, but I think everyone else on the internet has said everything they can about it. Hell, I feel stupid recommending it because I figure everyone else has beaten it like a year ago. But it was damn good. Really adorable ending.

I also replayed and beat Bully on Steam, which was one of my favorite games growing up. How does it hold up? Eh, not very well. I don't want to do a whole review on it becuase I played a really buggy-ass Steam port and I don't really know if it's just because it's a typical PS2-gen Rockstar game or if the port itself is just really buggy. Either way, while I love the whole low-tech kid-centric nature of the game, the missions themselves just aren't very fun. It really does a fine job of capturing the atmosphere of shitty school life, but I just can't stand the writing. Too many times, instead of crafting like a joke based around the characters and their personalities, character's will instead just outright tell you that they're a parody or caricature. Like, just blatantly. "It takes more than victory to become a champion. It takes breeding, and nepotism, and snobbery!" is an actual quote by the leader of the rich kids, and the whole game is just full of shit like that. For some reason, I remembered these characters being...y'know, characters, but they're not. I just wish the game tried a bit harder in the writing department, but writing was clearly a second-thought. Sick soundtrack, though, Shawn Lee is great.

I'm also watching our roommate play Uncharted 4, and it is boooring as fuck so far. He's nine chapters in and it's just been a lot of shitty stealth, a lot of boring "drama" if you can call it that, and the same follow-the-dotted-line platforming as always occasionally peppered with some boring-ass shoot-everyone sections. The game has the opposite problem I had with Bully where it's focusing a little too much on its writing and the gameplay itself is suffering because of it. What always made Uncharted stand out was all the crazy action set-pieces that made you feel like a participant in a crazy action movie, but I haven't really seen any of that so far. Maybe it picks up, I dunno. I just want them to recapture that magic Uncharted 2 had.

God, I am jonesing for some Overwatch.

That's all for now! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!


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