504) Squeeze the Truth Out of Her
Posted June 8, 2016 at 08:13 pm

Classic Ash.

Sorry guys, but this is gonna be the only page for Blaster Nation this week. We got hit with a lot of sudden, unexpected Rock Cocks-related work that's gonna have to take priority. It's a huge bummer, I know, but it's gonna have to lead into an even bigger bummer. 

So, as some of you may have seen, Rock Cocks got picked up by Slipshine as part of their new adult webcomics network. RC will still be free, of course, nothing has changed in that regard. But it does mean that we're going to be shifting focus towards making RC our priority. I'm sad to announce that after this current Ash/Rinnie chapter, Blaster Nation will be reduced to a maximum of one comic a week. Yes, maximum, meaning sometimes, there won't be an update during that week. And I'm sorry.

The truth is, even though Slipshine is definitely helping move towards it, this is something we've been wanting to do for quite some time now. While Blaster Nation has always been a fun comic to work on and we love seeing your reactions to all this weird nerd shit, it's been getting harder and harder to work on it. We've told all the major stories that we wanted to tell, and honestly, crazy pornographic rockstars is always going to be a little more exciting and interesting to work on than tried-and-true slice-of-life nerd shenanigans. Don't get me wrong, we're not ending this comic just yet. We still want to come back to this thing whenever we have some fun ideas. But right now, trying to split our workload in half between both comics is making them both suffer and if we had to choose one over the other, then it has to be RC.

It hurts typing this, seriously. I don't want you guys thinking that we're not grateful to you or that we don't care. Because we do! We love you guys! Seriously, Blaster Nation has been such a fucking fun comic to work on, all because of you. We've enjoyed every reaction, every stream, every synchtube, everything. We made a second comic because of you guys! We published a fucking BOOK! That's CRAZY! We owe so much to you! And I'm just sorry that we can't keep this update schedule up. I know it's disappointing, I know it sucks. I just hope you'll stick around and maybe check out Rock Cocks (if you're of the appropriate age and like porn comics). There'll be a time where RC will end too, and then we'll move onto our next big comic. We want to keep making unique, crazy-ass comics FOREVER. But it's always going to be sad when one comes to an end (or in this case, slows the fuck down a lot).

But hey! This Ash/Rinnie story still has quite a few pages left in it and we've still got ideas for some fun one shots, so stick around for them! And like I said, we'll stick with two updates a week until the end of this chapter. But for right now, you'll have to wait until next Wednesday to see what happens next.

Thank you guys again for everything! We'll see you next week! Look forward to my obnoxious E3 live-tweets this weekend!


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