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Posted June 14, 2016 at 11:28 pm

Welp, E3 has come and gone. Or not, I guess it's only just begun for most of the gaming press. But for most of us at home, the conferences are over, and that's really what we're all here for. So hey, in case you weren't flooded by my obnoxious series of livetweets during every conference, I'm gonna tell you what I thought and what games I'm looking forward to! Oh, I know you didn't ask, don't worry! I'm going to tell you anyway!

So, Microsoft had a pretty decent conference. They've finally announced just enough games to make me consider purchasing an Xbone. Though I have to say that while they totally had me bust out my wallet for an Xbone S, they really fucked things up by introducing Project Scorpio immediately after. Like, I'm still not sure what the fuck Scorpio is, whether it's the big new console or just a 4k/VR upgrade to the Xbone. I was leaning towards the latter, but Xbone S can also do 4k. But they also said Scorpio won't get any exclusive games, so what the fuck is it? Whatever, though, I'm not big into 4k or VR so I'll just get the S if I get anything. Big selling point for me was Dead Rising 4 because it looks fun as hell and Frank West is my favorite fictional character of all time. Can I get it on PC? Of course, but it'd be cheaper to buy an Xbone than it would be to upgrade my PC to the point where it could play it.

Sony just keeps going bigger and bolder with their conferences. A fucking live orchestra conducting the whole goddamn thing? That is NUTS. I'm digging the narrative direction God of War is taking, but gameplay-wise, it looks like a total step back. Like it's a step even below Last of Us's "just walk around while we throw dialogue at you and then a really simplistic, highly-scripted action segment happens" shit. At least Kratos isn't completely unbearable like he usually is. Kojima's game looks fucking INSANE and I can't wait until more details come out. Days Gone killed my interest when it was revealed to be a zombie game (big surprise), but then it perked back up when it threw literally like a million goddamn rushing zombies flooding out through windows and doors and shit. It looked pretty cool, I'd play that. And oh my god, I can't believe they brought out Crash Bandicoot just to shoot him in the head live on stage. Last year, Sony made me cry with their Shenmue 3 reveal. This year, I cried again from laughing so hard at how Sony managed to kill such insane hype with one simple title drop: "Skylanders". That was hilarious. And sad!

Nintendo was incredibly ballsy this year, focusing just on Zelda. I was disappointed when I realized we wouldn't be seeing anything else and it wouldn't even be a Nintendo Direct, but in the end, I think it paid off. The new Zelda looks amazing, and despite Nintendo streaming it for over 7 hours straight, I just want to see MORE. It's easily the most ambitious game Nintendo has ever done and the sheer amount of shit they've shown off is so impressive. Shield-surfing, cooking, rock-climbing, enemy-climbing, huge environments, 100 mini-dungeons, parachuting, fire physics, naked Link, taking a skeleton's arm and beating them to death with it, climbing a tree, eating apples off the tree, cutting down a tree, using a tree as a bridge, cutting the rest of the tree into lumber, god there's SO MUCH. It clearly borrows a lot from shit like Phantom Pain and Witcher 3 but the sheer amount of ways you can interact and manipulate the actual environment is crazy. I was so worried at first, but now Zelda is easily the game I'm looking forward to the most.

Oh yeah, and I guess Ubisoft/Bethesda/EA had some conferences, too. Quake is back, that's pretty cool. Titanfall 2 looks sick. And Ubisoft was...well, Ubisoft. At least they're trying to give Watch_Dogs 2 a personality this time, even if it's an insufferable one.

That's all for today! See you on Friday!


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