510) That's That
Posted June 30, 2016 at 11:27 pm

An arc ends, and a new relationship begins. Or, uh, gets revived. Or something. Whatever, it's cute.

So, let me break down our July for you guys: We've got Anime Midwest in Chicago this month, which is definitely our biggest and probably our last convention ever (at least for a long while). We've got a 12-hour car ride down to Louisiana so we can spend a week with our families (haven't seen them in a year).  We've got a huge, complicated chapter of Rock Cocks to draw. And somehow between all that, we've got to squeeze in some time to watch Summer Games Done Quick.

What does this all mean? It means Blaster Nation is taking a few weeks off so we can not overload ourselves. Rock Cocks is already on a small break so we can try to build up a buffer, so Blaster Nation will have to do the same. Sadly, we'll still be working like crazy during this small break on RC, but eh, what are ya gonna do. At least we'll get to spend some time away from computers down in Louisiana.

Thank you all for bearing with us. We'll let you all know on our social media pages whenever the next page is up. Of course, when we get back, we'll be slowing down Blaster Nation to 1 update a week, but we're gonna try something a little different, shake things up with some characters. We're still kind of in the planning part, but we're excited to try some new things.

That's all for now! See you once our hellish July schedule clears up a bit!


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