511) A Few Months Later
Posted August 1, 2016 at 02:20 pm

More like one month later, right? HEEEYOOOO, WE'RE BACK.

So, our busiest month ever is now officially over. We made it through our biggest convention ever (Anime Midwest in Chicago) and we survived our family vacation down in Louisiana. We had a lot of great, exhausting fun. We sold books! We walked around New Orleans during a severe thunderstorm! We ate a lot of delicious seafood! We saw a newborn baby (Happy belated birthday, Sophia)! I chickened out on a bunch of waterslides at a water park! We fled for safety into an abandoned civil war fort on a desert island during another thunderstorm (no joke)! And most importantly, we got to spend a lot of time and have a lot of fun with our respective families. It was a great time, but it's nice to be back home and back to work.

We missed a lot of shit while we were gone, too. Sonic Mania! What the fuck was that?! It was like a fucking fever dream, the craziest Sonic and Totino's Stuffed Nachos-fueled mess I've ever seen. BUT the actual Sonic Mania game actually looks great, and I loved Sonic Generations 1 so I'll probably love Not-Sonic Generations 2. Most importantly, Sega actually seems to be listening to what fans want now (finally), and hiring actual fans and fangame creators is a brilliant move. At this point, fans know way more about what makes Sonic good than Sega does, and it's great that they kind of admit that now with this hiring decision.

Dead Rising Remasters! YES! I'm a huge Dead Rising fan and Frank West is my favorite fictional character ever, so this is big for me. Most importantly, I FINALLY get a Dead Rising 1 port, the only thing I've ever wanted and the only reason I ever wanted to keep my Xbox 360 around. Dead Rising 1 is easily my personal favorite of the series, so I'm really excited to replay that game again on PS4 where I won't have to fear the console exploding while I'm attempting a 7-day infinite mode challenge. It'd also be nice to have a version of Off the Record that's actually optimized and plays well.

Ghostbusters! No review. I refuse.

Nah, but seriously, it looks like a generic comedy. I liked the old Ghostbusters and the Real Ghosbusters cartoon. Wouldn't call myself a superfan, but I like that particular dry comedy and I LOVE capitalist, money-minded heroes, so I was all about the building of a paranormal extermination business. New Ghostbusters just looks like slapstick throw-a-million-jokes-a-minute-at-the-audience-and-hope-some-stick kind of basic comedy that's just not my kind of thing. Not gonna insult you if you like it, I don't do that unless it's the Devil May Cry reboot, but it's just not a movie I'm interested in seeing.

...You know, I thought we missed more, but I guess that might be the biggest thing. I missed EVO, still need to catch up on that, but I don't have much to say in that regard. Ah well. I'm sure you guys'll remind me of what we missed.

Either way, back to work! See you next week!


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