513) Group Hug
Posted August 15, 2016 at 03:52 pm

Before we get into our regularly scheduled blog post, I just want to send our hearts out to everyone affected by the nightmarish flooding that Louisiana has been experiencing in the last couple of days. Our hometowns have been completely wrecked by this catastrophe and it hurts seeing it in the state it's in. Our families are safe and sound, but so much damage has been done. To all of our Louisiana readers, we hope you're doing okay. Please be safe out there. 

So we finally watched Batman v Superman and it was a fucking mess. But I'm kind of late on that train and everyone pretty much agrees it sucks and all the major talking points about it have been discussed by people far better at criticizing movies than me, so I'll spare you all the same flaws everyone else has pointed out. They really should've skipped all this shit and jumped straight to Justice League, at least it's possible that that movie might have some semblance of fun or entertainment.

Anyways, other than that, it's been nothing but work work work. I completely rewrote this current Rock Cocks chapter, we've been working on our last Slipshine comic for the year, and I've written the final pages for Blaster Nation. It's weird, finishing work on a comic like this, but it's also really exciting. It'll be nice to have one or two regular days off during the week. 

We're thinking about doing a synchtube celebration party once the final Blaster Nation page has gone up, if I can figure out what kind of videos to put on. Give you guys a way to talk to us  for a couple hours and ask all those pent-up Blaster Nation questions you've had and shit. If you got any suggestions for it, let me know.

See you next week!


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