515) Bye Rinnie
Posted September 6, 2016 at 08:04 pm

So, this Blaster Nation is a week late, and I'm really sorry about that. We said on our twitter that some stuff had come up, but that wasn't really the truth. The truth was...we were just kind of depressed. The negativity from last update's comments just left us completely unmotivated to work on the comic. We figured that no matter what, nobody was going to like what we put up, so we said, fuck it, let's work on other things. 

That was really shitty of us, and I apologize. What we did really wasn't fair at all. We understand the frustration over the sudden ending, we really do. And even if some of you are a bit more vocal about it, that's no reason for us to just not update. We had to remember, most of you are frustrated because you really like the comic and you're sad to see it go. Even if some of you are ruder than others, you're still coming from a place of love, and the fact that you're this passionate about our comic is still a touching experience. We're happy you guys love the comic so much. It's thanks to you that Blaster Nation has even made it to this point. We can't stop this ending, and we can't guarantee that you'll like it, but we can put as much effort into it as we can. We're going to put everything we can into this upcoming finale page. You guys deserve that much. All of you. Thank you for your support.

This finale page will take a week or two. It's essentially five pages in one, with really elaborate panels. Please bear with us while we put our all into it. Thank you all again for reading, and we hope to see you soon for the final Blaster Nation page!


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