Guest Comic 13) Freeglass
Posted October 8, 2013 at 02:00 am

This dramatic and awesome guest comic is brought to us by our good friend Freeglass, who runs a cool art blog that you can find right here! I've seen Freeglass's art posted around different imageboards and I absolutely love his work on the Lovely Ladybug (the writer for LL also helped influence this guest comic!) and I thought his art on Speedrun was excellent. He's a great artist and I can't wait to see more! Go follow his tumblr and give him all the notes for making great stuff!

Anyways, TODAY'S LESLIE'S BIRTHDAY! EVERYBODY BETTER WISH HER THE HAPPIEST DAMN BIRTHDAY EVER! I'm forced to be at work all day SO IT'S UP TO YOU TO LET HER KNOW HOW GREAT SHE IS! Don't worry though, because this weekend I'm going to treat her to her favorite sushi place and get her some POKEMON! Just gotta wait a bit. STILL HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESLIE, I THINK YOU'RE PRETTY NEAT

And that's it for today. Go give Freeglass some love and come back Friday!