Guest Comic 26) Psudonym and Gunwild
Posted February 2, 2016 at 09:39 pm

GUEST COMIC, BABY! This one was drawn by Psudonym and written by Gunwild, the team behind the wonderful sci-fi webcomic Cassiopeia Quinn. Seriously, that comic is great, it's the kind of good, campy fun I love in my space adventures. Every character in that comic is charming and endearing as hell. Gun writes up some great premises to toss them into and Psu's art is nothing short of fantastic. Personal disclosure, I'm friends with both of them and Leslie and I both had been an admirer of Psu's art for years now, so this is seriously the coolest goddamn thing for us. Please, go read Cassiopeia Quinn. If you want, you can even toss some support towards Psu via Patreon. Anything to get more Psu art into the world.

This will be the only comic this week. We've got Leslie's arm in a support brace right now. We still have to do Rock Cocks as an obligation to our Patrons, but her only having to do two comic pages this week instead of four (between BN and RC) will seriously be a great break for her. But hey, if you need something to read and RC is just too NSFW for you, I'll say it again, go read Cassiopeia Quinn. Seriously, it's great!

Thanks for being so understanding, guys. We'll be back next Wednesday!