posted Jun.26.15 at 03:30 am

YO, BIG MOTHERFUCKING SHOUT OUT TO FREEGLASS FOR BUSTING ASS ON THESE INKS DESPITE US BEING SO DAMN LATE GETTING IT TO HIM. We had a lot of distractions today. Real-life friends are having babies, we're getting wrecked by ridiculous taxes from 2012 that we're pretty sure we paid already, and we're still trying to get a buffer going. Life is pretty fucking hectic right now, so hopefully we can get things in order real soon, 'cause goddamn we'd like for shit to slow down.

Anyway, it's like, 3:30 AM over here in Kentucky time, so I'm going to just skim on the update and post this page. We haven't done anything else really interesting, just webcomics and freaking out over real-life shit. Next time I play a game, I'll whine all about it here, I promise.