posted 04-17-2014 at 12:00 am

Not much going on here today. I've gotten half of the endings in 999 (thanks Liam!) so far, and oh boy, all of them have been terrible and depressing! And I mean that in good ways. Finally working towards the "good" endings, but man, I wish I could skip some of these puzzles I've done like three times so far. Either way, I'm super hyped to start on Virtue's Last Reward next. Shame that they're not localizing the third Zero Escape game yet, but hey, go check this group out and maybe they can make it happen someday! 

If you missed Leslie beating the shit out Pokemon Snap on the stream, we've got it up on our youtube channel now! Unfortunately, streaming a lot eats up our bandwidth cap from our terrible ISP, so we can't marathon stuff like we used to. We'll probably start doing recordings offline and upload them on youtube after like all the other LPers do. Currently, we're deciding on doing a playthrough of either Kirby Superstar, Misadventures of Tron Bonne, or The Warriors. If you wanna see any of those games, then subscribe to our channel. I kinda don't like spamming advertisements on our social networks, so it's the best way to find out if we've done a new video. 

That's all for today. SEE YOU ON EASTER

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