posted Jul.31.15 at 09:43 am

Welp, we're back from our Louisiana trip! It was fun, but pretty exhausting! I'll blog about it more on Sunday so I'm not wasting your time with this blog post. I know a lot of people have been waiting for us to get back, and I thank you for your patience. Sorry for the delay. On the plus side, we caught up on all the Patreon work (which you'll actually get to see later!), we're about halfway done with all the other work that's been slowing us down (we draw four comic pages a week between BN and RC, plus we've basically been drawing two other short comics in-between those)...we're making good progress! We'll be back up to three updates for Blaster Nation when all this extra work is done.

Sorry again for the lateness! We'll have another comic for you on Sunday. See you then!