Guest Comic 27) Freeglass and Gunwild
Posted April 5, 2016 at 10:14 pm


This one was written by Gunwild (who you may remember from Cassiopeia Quinn and this guest comic he wrote here), but it was drawn by none other than FREEGLASS! That's right, our old freelance inker! And this comic looks GREAT! Like, seriously, go back and look at Freeglass's first guest comic he drew for us and compare it to this. He's improved so damn much. Both of them did great. YOU'RE BOTH GREAT! Check out Cassiopeia Quinn and Gunwild's twitter, and check out Freeglass's tumblr and twitter. Give them love.

We MAY have another guest comic after this, I'm not sure yet. It all depends on our guests. We'll be using the extra time to wrap up a very important scene in Rock Cocks, but don't worry! We're gonna come back to a scene I know everyone is going to love, and no, it's not Rinnie dying in a tire fire! 

Did you see that new Tracer pose in Overwatch? That was great! The whole outrage around it was interesting. I thought it was stupid to change the pose in the first place because I really didn't see anything sexual about it in the first place, but I admit that the new pose is way better. Now I can only hope that people direct all their internet outrage at Naughty Dog for removing Donut Drake after making the model and everything because they're "too mature" now. Seriously, that was one of my favorite things about those games.